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"More than just an Accountant"

Too many smaller businesses who don't have full time finance professionals working for them don't get true information on the performance of their company until they visit their accountant and are given their tax bill;  this can be months after their year end. 

At FD for you we handle things differently; we want you to be aware of where you are at any given moment in time.  Alongside offering the generic accounting services of: accounts preparation and filing, corporation computation and filing; we also provide a service that helps you understand your business better.

Whether you need a Financial Director or a Finance Department, FD For You has you covered.

If you just want to dot the i's and cross the t's then check out our Accounting Services; if you are looking to take advantage of having all the skills of a top Finance Department in one place, head over to the Enhanced services.  If you don't see the package you are looking for, please contact me to discuss!.


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